Supplied over 3.5 lakh metric tons of Grains, Pulses, Oil-Seeds, and Tamarind since inception.



As one of the leading local businesses in the Mysore area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed over the last 88 years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

KVM & Co. is registered and is operating under the trade license issued by APMC, Mysore.

The following are the core principles of the company and we uphold them day-in and day-out.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Supply quality goods.

  • Ethical business practices.

  • Fair trade price and practices when dealing with farmers.

  • Complete compliance with the government and tax norms.



The Journey of the Company

The company was started by K. Veerabhadra Mudaliar in the year 1932.

KVM & Co. has always had the single goal of supplying high-quality, locally-grown produce throughout India. In a span of 20 years, Mr. K. V. Mudaliar expanded and diversified this business by setting up an oil mill, a saw mill, an electric laundry, and various charitable organizations in the Mysore district.

This torch was then carried on by A. Chinnaswamy Mudaliar and his son, C. RajaSekharan for over 30 years. They grew the business into a well-oiled machine and gained a lot of good-will from customers across the country.

Since 1983, R. VijayaShekar has been running and expanding the business by upholding the ethical standards set over the last 80+ years. The primary goal of supplying high and assured quality produce at affordable prices is still the core principle of the company.

On the other side, KVM & Co. has strongly believed in ethical and fair prices and trade practices for the farmers.

As of today, close to 90 years since its beginning, KVM & Co. has supplied over 3,50,000 metric tons of agricultural produce throughout the country. We are confident that this momentum will only grow strongly into the future.



We deal with over 10 seasonal produce that are grown in and around Mysore.


KVM Speciality | Top Seller

Sesame seeds are also called Gingelly or Thill seeds. They are primarily used to extract Sesame oil. The Mysore area is known for its high quality seeds. The oil extracted from Mysore Sesame seeds carry a special aroma and taste.

July - September


KVM Speciality | Top Seller

Neem seeds are grown on Neem trees. These seeds are collected and cleaned manually in villages around Mysore. It is primarily used to extract Neem oil and to manufacture bio-pesticides.

June - August


KVM Speciality | Best Quality

Tamarind is grown on Tamarind trees. This is collected, de-seeded, and cleaned manually in villages around Mysore. Mysore Tamarind is known for its pulpiness and sweetness of taste. It is used in South-Asian cuisine.

January - May


Best Quality

Horse Gram is also known as Kulthi. It is primarily used as food for humans and domestic animals like cattle, horses, etc. Horse Gram is known to have higher calories and is usually consumed in regions of colder climates.

December - March


Top Quality

Loba is also called Alsande or Lobia Pulses. It is extensively consumed all over India traditionally.

June - September


Best Quality

Groundnut is also called Peanut. It is grown under the soil. It is harvested, cleaned, and dried before it is traded. It is primarily used to extract oil and directly as food.

July - December

We deal with many other grains, oil-seeds, and pulses. Please reach out to us to enquire.



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